Look Who's Talking

October 13, 1989 0 By Fans
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Krane with actor John Travolta backstage after accepting the People's Choice Award for best comedy for


After a single, career-minded woman is left on her own to give to birth to the child of a married man, she finds a new romantic chance in a cab driver. Meanwhile the point-of-view of the newborn boy is narrated through voice over.

Release Year: 1989

Rating: 5.6/10 (35,469 voted)

Critic's Score: 51/100

Amy Heckerling

Stars: John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Olympia Dukakis

Mollie is a single mum who's on the lookout for a reliable and normal boyfriend. Her son Mikey, (unbeknownst to her) seems to have a better idea of which of the men she dates would make a good father figure! If only she could understand him…


John Travolta


Kirstie Alley


Olympia Dukakis


George Segal


Abe Vigoda


Bruce Willis

Voice of Mikey


Twink Caplan


Jason Schaller


Jaryd Waterhouse


Jacob Haines


Christopher Aydon


Joy Boushel


Don S. Davis

Dr. Fleisher

Louis Heckerling


Brenda Crichlow


He's got John Travolta's smile, Kirstie Alley's eyes, and the voice of Bruce Willis… Now all he has to do is find himself the perfect daddy.

Release Date: 13 October 1989

Filming Locations: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Box Office Details

Budget: $7,500,000


Opening Weekend: $12,107,784
(15 October 1989)

Gross: $296,999,813

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


Amy Heckerling's father Louis Heckerling plays Mollie's father. Like his character in the film, he was also an accountant.


Crew or equipment visible:
During the very last scene James and Mikey go to a hospital to see Molly. While walking into her hospital room you can see it's obviously a set/sound stage when you look up at the top, in the corner(s), you will see it for a few good seconds.


I was artificially inseminated.

Are you a lesbo?

User Review


Rating: 7/10

Look Who's Talking is such a great classic, one of my great memories of
childhood, every weekend when I would go to my grandparent's place,
they would let me pick a movie and we would watch it together, very
often I would pick Look Who's Talking or Look Who's Talking Too, they
were just such fun movies to watch and laugh at. When I grew up, I
realized I hadn't seen the movie in so many years, but it was on TV the
other day and I figured I would have a little blast from the past and
watch it. You know what's strange about this movie? It's actually more
for adults rather than the kids, but this became such a family friendly
movie, but that's why many people say they don't make them like they
used too, because writing where it is more aimed at the adults but it
ends up being something that every age can enjoy is clever and this is
one of the most fun movies of the 90's.

Mollie Jensen is an accountant living and working in New York City. The
latest client she has been assigned by her firm is a
charmingly-handsome but shallow womanizing executive named Albert who
seduces her and although married embarks on an affair with Mollie,
promising to leave his wife for her. Mollie becomes pregnant with his
child. After realizing she is pregnant she informs Albert who takes the
news well and again promises to leave his wife and raise the baby with
her. Mollie continues her relationship with Albert as the pregnancy
develops, however he's seeing another woman. Later when Mollie and her
best friend Rona are shopping Mollie finds Albert in a clinch with the
other woman. Angry and upset, a heart-broken Mollie storms off in a
rage while the fight causes her to suddenly go into labor. When she
hails a cab the driver James Ubriacco realizes the seriousness of the
situation and speeds off to the hospital. Upon reaching the hospital,
the nurses' confuse him for being the father of Mollie's baby and he
feels inclined to stay. Mollie gives birth to a son she names Michael.
A few days after "Mikey" is brought home, Mollie receives a visit from
James, where he returns the purse she left behind in his taxi. James
meets Mikey, and they seem to enjoy each others company. Mollie starts
dating again, but quickly realizes that none of the men she has been
seeing are good enough for Mikey and one night she lets her guard down
and almost sleeps with James; however after imagining what life would
be like if she married him, she asks him to leave, despite James
telling her he loves both her and Mikey.

Look Who's Talking is a charming movie that I'm sure won't disappoint
you, it's cute, romantic, funny, and has a great cast. It's a realistic
look at what happens with unplanned pregnancy and John Travolta's
character, James, becomes the ultimate and unexpected hero of the
movie. I hope that I meet a guy like James one day, he was just so
lovable. I also adored Bruce Willis' voice, he was a perfect fit for
Mikey. Kristy Alley, she plays the crazy mother, but you see all that
her character goes through and you just feel awful for her. This is
such a great movie, I highly recommend it if you get the chance to see
it, it's a great classic.