Earth Girls Are Easy

May 12, 1989 0 By Fans
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A spaceship with three furry aliens lands in a California girl's swimming pool, so she makes friends with them.

Release Year: 1988

Rating: 5.0/10 (10,393 voted)

Julien Temple

Stars: Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey

Trio of fuzzy (and funny) aliens crash land in Valerie's pool– putting a decided damper on her future wedding plans to cheating Dr. Ted Gallagher. Action interrupted by musical numbers–an MTV musical comedy.

Writers: Julie Brown, Charlie Coffey


Geena Davis


Jeff Goldblum


Jim Carrey


Damon Wayans


Julie Brown


Michael McKean


Charles Rocket


Larry Linville

Dr. Bob

Rick Overton

Dr. Rick

Diane Stilwell


June C. Ellis

Mrs. Merkin

Felix Montano


Rick Hurst

Joe the Cop

(as Richard Hurst)

Leslie Morris

Mike the Cop

Lisa Fuller


A recent poll showed that 3 out of 4 aliens believe… Earth Girls Are Easy

Release Date: 12 May 1989

Filming Locations: Goleta Beach, Goleta, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $10,000,000


Gross: $3,916,303

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


This movie was the final appearance of Robby the Robot in film for quite some time: 15 years later, the costume returned in
Looney Tunes: Back in Action. Robby was absent from just about everywhere else, too, making only a brief appearance in the early 1990's on Totally Hidden Video before virtually disappearing until 2003.


Crew or equipment visible:
When Valerie turns on the kitchen light with Ted's football in her hands, the shadow of a small fuzzy object can be seen waving around on the left side of the wall. (widescreen version only)


You have liplock for Wiploc?

User Review

The Jeff & Geena Trilogy


Former real life Hollywood couple Jeff Goldblum & Geena Davis made 3 films
together, two of them comedies, one of them serious. The first film, also
the film where they met, was the horror movie spoof "Transylvania 6-5000"
(which I keep looking for but can't seem to find), in which Jeff played a
reporter sent to Transylvania to follow a story with partner Ed Begley Jr.
and Geena played a sex starved nymph who was convinced she was a vampire.
The 2nd one they did and also the only serious one was the 1986 remake of
"The Fly", in which Jeff played a good natured but lonely mad scientist
turned into a giant fly monster (that looked nothing like a fly and
something more like a killer praying mantis) and Geena played his
lover. Then after boldly going where no Hollywood couple had ever gone
before in said remake of "The Fly", they returned to light hearted comedy
with our film here "Earth Girls Are Easy".

I've often theorized that the reason celebrity couples do films together
because it gives them a chance to spend time together and work together
(seeing as how the hectic Hollywood schedule tends to keep people apart
long periods of time) and because studios can cash in on the respective
bases of both stars. Well, for what it's worth this is a hell of a lot
fun to watch than most celebrity couple films.

Anyway, in this their third and final film together, Geena plays a
but romantically unhappy manicurist Valley Girl who's doctor boyfriend Ted
is cheating on her and Jeff plays the blue furred ringleader of three
aliens, the other two being yellow furred Damon Wayans and pre-movie
red furred Jim Carrey (with his hair dyed blond!). Furry aliens Jeff, Jim
and Damon crash land in Geena's pool the day after Geena discovers how
unfaithful Ted's been and the sight of them understandably throws her for
loop. With their ship down for repairs the boys will have to stay with
and, doing her part for interplanetary relations, takes them to her ditzy
manicurist cohort Candy (Julie Brown, who also helped write the film) to
give the guys make overs so they can pass for Earthlings. Guess what?
eventually falls in love with Captain Jeff.

In an unrelated subplot that never quite went anywhere, Julie Brown's
character fell for Jim Carrey's alien. Watching this back when it was
who would have guessed that Jim Carrey would eventually go on to become
of Hollywood's biggest comedic stars and possess a career that would
overshadow stars Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis?

May not be brilliant comedy but like so many other comedies of the 80s
is still a reasonably funny, good natured romp with the cast making the
of it. Geena's easy to like and Jeff's a good straight man to the wild
antics of Jim and Damon, who both appear to be having a good time as the
nuttier aliens. I don't know why people keep saying bad things about
performance here, as his quirky style makes him an ideal alien stranger in
strange land and manages some of the film's best bits, like when he uses
"love touch" to get two cops stuck on each other. There's also a funny
where Jeff offers to make love to Geena to make her feel better about
herself and get her mind off her cheating boyfriend and she tries to
that them making love might not work on account of the fact that he's not
the Earth so not everything may work the same way and the whole time he's
undressing off camera and then she gets a look at him and his "equipment"
and just sort of trails off. Of course, she has to make sure he doesn't
the impression that "Earth Girls Are Easy".

Bit of a shame that Jeff & Geena's marriage didn't work out.

There are also some funny musical bits.

"Mac is Mr. Right?" – Jeff Goldblum as Mac