Two Moon Junction

Still of Sherilyn Fenn and Richard Tyson in Two Moon JunctionTwo Moon JunctionTwo Moon JunctionTwo Moon JunctionTwo Moon JunctionTwo Moon Junction


A young Southern débutante temporarily abandons her posh lifestyle and upcoming, semi-arranged marriage to have a lustful and erotic fling with a rugged drifter who works at a local carnival.

Release Year: 1988

Rating: 4.4/10 (2,458 voted)

Zalman King

Stars: Sherilyn Fenn, Richard Tyson, Louise Fletcher

April has just graduated from an exclusive Southern college. She's just returned home to her family mansion to prepare for her semi-arranged marriage to "the right man", a man approved by April's father, a Senator. During a trip to the local fair, April meets Perry, the kind of man she always wanted but never knew. Her parents are aghast, as Perry is exactly the kind of man they don't want her associating with. April must reconcile the expectations of her family and her fiancée with the passion she feels for Perry.

Writers: Zalman King, MacGregor Douglas


Sherilyn Fenn


Richard Tyson


Louise Fletcher


Burl Ives

Sheriff Earl Hawkins

Kristy McNichol

Patti Jean

Martin Hewitt


Juanita Moore


Don Galloway

Senator Delongpre

Millie Perkins

Mrs. Delongpre

Milla Jovovich


(as Milla)

Nicole Rosselle


Kerry Remsen


Hervé Villechaize


(as Herve Villechaize)

Dabbs Greer


Chris Pedersen


(as Chris Pederson)

One hot movie.

Release Date: 29 April 1988

Filming Locations: California, USA

Opening Weekend: $558,908
(1 May 1988)
(458 Screens)

Gross: $1,547,397

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Did You Know?


The title may be a pun, given the erotic nature of the film.


At the end of the movie, when April is in Perry's shower, we see her left hand without any jewelry. In a subsequent close-up of the same hand, there's an engagement ring and wedding band.


Patti Jean:
So, what color's your living room?

White. But it's not my house, its my parents.

Patti Jean:
Is your bedroom white too?

It's beige with floral print.

Patti Jean:
My whole place down in Texas is wood panel. Never lived in anything but. Except when I lived in Vegas. I was married to my second husband, he was this guy in the Air Force. They put us up at this high-rise condo at Indian Springs that was great. A prefab with a balcony.

User Review

Haunting dreamlike story of passion set in a small southern town-actually this movie is magnificent.

Rating: 10/10


One in awhile a motion picture comes along that, while not Oscar
material, makes it's mark as unforgettable. This was definitely such a

The story centers on April(Sherilyn Fenn) a rich southern belle engaged
to a preppy southern boy who then meets Perry a drifter/carnival
worker(played to perfection by Richard Tyson) and falls head over heels
for him. There are thousands of movies made every year with a familiar
theme like this. But there is something special and really unique about
2 moon junction that makes it a cut above the rest.

Besides having two absolutely magnificent looking stars two moon
junctionalso has atmosphere, sensuality and a great supporting cast
including an appearance by Kristy Mc.Nicol. Never boring, the movie is
set in a small southern town and manages to capture to a tee, the
luminous beauty of the south. Besides it's lovely southern feel, the
film has an electric sensuality about it, that coupled with a certain
dreaminess, a mystery in most every scene makes the picture
irresistible. I'm not a major fan of movies like this but two moon
junction was an amazing pic that never received much recognition beyond
the "it's hot" type.

I don't know why Fenn and Tyson never became big stars. Both were made
for these roles and have an on screen chemistry that contributes a lot
to making this movie unforgettable. In fact they are so believable and
the chemistry so apparent early on, that the audience is rooting for
them from their first meeting. The rest of the cast,particularly an
amazing, sassy, Christy Mc.Nicol, and a scheming Louise Fletcher were
great too. There is a type of dream like, quiet to this movie, every
scene is pivotal to the ultimate ending, the only gripe I have is the
ending which while alright was to quick and could have been expanded on
a little. Still, this movie(easily) gets a 10 of 10.

Through the years, whenever myself and my fellow movie goers turn
somebody on to this film inevitably the same thing happens. They, at
first don't want to watch it, then after viewing it, like it so much
that they want to see it again. Says a lot about the picture….

Anyone who has ever loved with a kind of mindless passion will be able
to relate to this. The magic of the film is also in turning everyday
things into objects of mystery. (Look at what they do with a simple
carnival!)Many may not agree with me, but I give it 10 of 10-easily.
They took a subject matter that has been done over and over again and
turned it into something with mystery and intrigue.