No Way Out

August 14th, 1987


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A coverup and witchhunt occur after a politician accidentally kills his mistress.

Release Year: 1987

Rating: 7.0/10 (15,773 voted)

Director: Roger Donaldson

Stars: Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman, Sean Young

Tom Farrell is a navy officer who gets posted at the Pentagon and is to report to the secretary of defense David Brice. He starts an affair with Susan Atwell not knowing that she is Brice's mistress. When Susan is found dead, Tom is assigned to the case of finding the killer who is believed to be a KGB mole! Tom could soon become a suspect when a Polaroid negative of him was found at Susan's place. He now has only a few hours to find the killer before the computer regenerates the photo.

Writers: Kenneth Fearing, Robert Garland

Kevin Costner - Lt. Cmdr. Tom Farrell
Gene Hackman - Defense Secretary David Brice
Sean Young - Susan Atwell
Will Patton - Scott Pritchard
Howard Duff - Senator William 'Billy' Duvall
George Dzundza - Sam Hesselman
Jason Bernard - Major Donovan
Iman - Nina Beka
Fred Dalton Thompson - CIA Director Marshall
Leon Russom - Kevin O'Brien
Dennis Burkley - Mate
Marshall Bell - Contra #1
Chris D. - Contra #2
Michael Shillo - Schiller
Nicholas Worth - Cup Breaker

Taglines: Is it a crime of passion, or an act of treason?


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Release Date: 14 August 1987

Filming Locations: Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $15,000,000(estimated)

Opening Weekend: $4,259,460 (USA) (16 August 1987) (806 Screens)

Gross: $35,509,515 (USA)

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Did You Know?

The big red bumper sticker on the back of Sam Hessleman's wheelchair seat reads: "Of Course I'm drunk, I'm no stunt driver!"

Factual errors: At the inauguration party, the band sounds three "Ruffles and Flourishes" and then "Hail to the Chief" for the departure of the President. The President should receive four "Ruffles and Flourishes" prior to "Hail to the Chief", and both are sounded only at his entrance, not his departure.

Schiller: In the Philippines when you passed that bag of underwear, Moscow was not amused! I should have acted then. But now it is no longer possible for you to remain United States. This bizarre incident has given them their Yuri, Evgeny Segevich.

User Review

A high-tech murder and cover-up thriller

Rating: 7/10

This film is a taut thriller and has a very good pairing of Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman in a story of a cover-up and murder. Sean Young is the tragic figure who falls for Costner and sets in motion the wheels that make this picture one of the best of its type. Plot twists and suspense are highlighted by great acting, and as the cover-up unravels, Costner finds himself in increasing danger in the halls of the Pentagon. Will Patton and George Dzunda are solid in support of the leads although Patton is a bit over the top as Hackman's attack dog. This fine film is marred by an ending that doesn't connect with the film's plot or pulse and gives the picture an awkward, unsatisfying conclusion. Costner is the hero but it is Hackman who makes this picture as good as it is.