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Angel Heart


Harry Angel has a new case, to find a man called Johnny Favourite. Except things aren't quite that simple…

Release Year: 1987

Rating: 7.3/10 (33,487 voted)

Alan Parker

Stars: Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro, Lisa Bonet

Harry Angel has a new case, to find a man called Johnny Favourite. Except things aren't quite that simple, and Johnny doesn't want to be found. Let's just say that, amongst the period detail and beautiful scenery, it all gets really, really nasty.

Writers: Alan Parker, William Hjortsberg


Mickey Rourke

Harry Angel

Robert De Niro

Louis Cyphre

Lisa Bonet

Epiphany Proudfoot

Charlotte Rampling

Margaret Krusemark

Stocker Fontelieu

Ethan Krusemark

Brownie McGhee

Toots Sweet

Michael Higgins

Dr. Albert Fowler

Elizabeth Whitcraft


Eliott Keener

Det. Sterne

Charles Gordone

Spider Simpson

Dann Florek

Herman Winesap

Kathleen Wilhoite


George Buck


Judith Drake

Izzy's Wife

Gerald Orange

Pastor John

(as Gerald L. Orange)

Harry Angel has been hired to search for the truth… Pray he doesn't find it.


Official Website:
William Hjortsberg |

Release Date: 6 March 1987

Filming Locations: Albany, New York, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $17,000,000


Opening Weekend: $3,688,721
(8 March 1987)
(815 Screens)

Gross: $17,185,632

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


When Harry Angel visits Margaret Krusemark for the first time, Margaret orders her maid to bring them tea; she and the maid speak briefly in French, which Angel obviously doesn't understand. The maid is asking "Should I bring out the best cups?" and Margaret responds "No."


In New Orleans, there is a daybill ad for a drive-in movie theater posted on a mailbox, which advertises a showing of
Cast a Giant Shadow, released 11 years after the setting.


[first lines]

Louis Cyphre:
Johnny. Johnny. Johnny.

User Review

How terrible is wisdom…

Rating: 9/10

… when it brings no profit to the wise? On the surface, that seems to
be the moral of "Angel Heart." But look a little deeper — the fact is,
Harry Angel knew the truth all along, and here's the true moral:

"However cleverly you sneak up on a mirror… your reflection always
looks you straight in the eye."

Much of the meaning in this dark tale lies in the above line uttered by
DeNiro's character, Louis Cyphre. We can pretend to lie to ourselves
and bury our heads in the sand, but in the end we know. And it isn't
the knowing that hurts us, but all the hiding and lying that went on

This film has been summed up many times before, so I won't do it again.
It's also been said that the film was ahead of its time in 1987, and
IMO this can't be emphasized enough. There's no doubt in my mind that
it's been an influence on many a filmmaker and screenwriter. Among
films of this type it's easier to follow than, say, "Memento," but more
befuddled and confusing than "The Sixth Sense." You may or may not
guess the ending, but if you're the type who's bothered by confusing
movies — simply read all the spoilers or the whole screenplay, THEN
see the film! I guarantee you won't enjoy it any less for knowing.

Cinematography 10/10, screenplay 7/10, acting 9.5/10, overall I'd give
it about a 9/10. If anything makes this movie great (and qualifies it
as a classic) it's the cinematography and atmosphere. It really is
richly and gorgeously shot, and atmospheric to the nth degree. Watch it
on a slow day when you have time to savor these things and aren't
overly anxious to figure it out or discover the resolution to the