The Delta Force


A 707 aircraft jetliner on its way from Athens to Rome and then to New York City is hijacked by Lebanese terrorists…

Release Year: 1986

Rating: 5.2/10 (7,175 voted)

Menahem Golan

Stars: Chuck Norris, Lee Marvin, Martin Balsam

A 707 aircraft jetliner on its way from Athens to Rome and then to New York City is hijacked by Lebanese terrorists. The terrorists demand that the pilot take them to Beirut. What the terrorists don't realize is that an elite team of commandoes led by Major McCoy (Norris) and by Colonel Alexander (Marvin) as been called into service to eliminate all terrorists on the jetliner and who's involved in the hijacking and try to retake the plane before the terrorists kill all the hostages.

Writers: James Bruner, Menahem Golan


Chuck Norris

Maj. Scott McCoy

Lee Marvin

Col. Nick Alexander

Martin Balsam

Ben Kaplan

Joey Bishop

Harry Goldman

Robert Forster


Lainie Kazan

Sylvia Goldman

George Kennedy

Father O'Malley

Hanna Schygulla


Susan Strasberg

Debra Levine

Bo Svenson

Capt. Campbell

Robert Vaughn

Gen. Woodbridge

Shelley Winters

Edie Kaplan

William Wallace

Pete Peterson

Charles Grant

Tom Hale

(as Charles Floye)

Steve James


They don't negotiate with terrorists… they blow them away!

Release Date: 14 February 1986

Filming Locations: Ben-Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel

Opening Weekend: $5,959,505
(17 February 1986)

Gross: $17,768,900
(11 May 1986)

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Did You Know?


The C-130 at the end of the film has a tail number of 4X-FBB. This is the number of a C-130H flown by the Israeli Air Force. -FBB is former USAF 71-1375, delivered to IAF in October or November of 1971. The aircraft has also used tail numbers 4X-JUB and 4X-EBB while with Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI). The Lockheen C-130 Hercules is known in Hebrew as the 'Karnaf', which means Rhinoceros.


Errors in geography:
When the Delta Force arrives at the airport to leave country, they sneak through a cotton field, Lebanon does not have such fields, Israel does.


Harry Goldman:
I was in Beirut 20 years ago. You should've been here then. It was beautiful! Beirut had casinos, dances, parties, concerts. It was the Las Vegas of the Middle East.

User Review

good for the first half, cheesy for the second


THE DELTA FORCE is an odd movie. The first hour of the film is a well
written and directed portrait of an airline highjacking. The music is tense
and the performances are solid (especially Robert Forster as the head
terrorist). Then, when Chuck and Lee show up, the film turns into a
patriotic cheesefest where the delta force whips out the terrorists along to
cheesy 80s patriotic pop music. The film definitely goes down from here.
The director should've realized that the first half was tense and realistic
and decided to keep it that way, even if they were going to have the delta
force take out the terrorists. I really dont know why they changed the mood
of the film so much, because if they had'nt, this could've been an excellent
actioner. The second half is still somewhat enjoyable and very
unintentionally funny, but those who think that the second half of the film
would be as gripping as the first will be disappointed.