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A misfit bunch of friends come together to right the injustices which exist in a small town.

Release Year: 1985

Rating: 7.1/10 (16,784 voted)

Critic's Score: 64/100

Lawrence Kasdan

Stars: Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Kevin Costner

In 1880, four men travel together to the city of Silverado. They come across with many dangers before they finally engage the "bad guys" and bring peace and equality back to the city.

Writers: Lawrence Kasdan, Mark Kasdan


Kevin Kline


Scott Glenn


Kevin Costner


Danny Glover


Marvin J. McIntyre


Brad Williams


Sheb Wooley

Cavalry Sergeant

Jon Kasdan

Boy at Outpost

John Cleese

Sheriff Langston

Todd Allen

Deputy Kern

Kenny Call

Deputy Block

Bill Thurman


Meg Kasdan


Dick Durock

Bar Fighter

Gene Hartline

Bar Fighter

Ride with them to the adventure of your life!

Release Date: 10 July 1985

Filming Locations: Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $26,000,000


Gross: $33,200,000

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


This was Richard Jenkins's film debut.


If Jake and Emmitt have the last name of Hollis, why do his sister, brother-in-law, and little Augie also use the last name of Hollis?


[first lines]

[Emmett saves Paden's life with a sip of water from his canteen after discovering him abandoned and baking in the desert]

Pleased to meet you.

User Review

Cult Classic Tribute to Western Clichés…


By 1985, the movie 'western' was a genre long dormant, with film
critics quick to point out that audiences had become far too
'sophisticated' for old-fashioned "shoot-'em-ups". Two film makers
decided to test the waters, however; Clint Eastwood, reviving an older
version of his "Man with No Name", directed and starred in his SHANE
homage, PALE RIDER; and Lawrence Kasdan, fresh from the huge success of
THE BIG CHILL, fulfilled his life-long dream to make a western, with
SILVERADO. Neither film was successful at the box office, and pundits
predicted they would soon be forgotten…but a new force in the movie
industry was emerging, video rentals, and SILVERADO, with it's
spectacular action sequences, charismatic heroes, and sweeping,
unforgettable music score (by Bruce Broughton), was an unexpected and
overwhelming hit, drawing Hollywood's attention to the new market, and
lifting the film to the near-classic cult status it enjoys today.

While PALE RIDER would focus on Clint Eastwood's continuing
demythologizing of the West (which would culminate in 1992's
UNFORGIVEN), SILVERADO embraces all the 'classic' Western clichés,
serving them up with such exuberance that they seem 'fresh'. The story
of four likable 'shootists' of nearly superhuman skills, bonding, and
ultimately taking on a corrupt sheriff and his brutal gang of deputies
in the town of Silverado, trots out one traditional element after
another, from the classic 'bushwhack' (with a John Ford 'Doorway
Framing' homage shot) to the 'pretty widow' in a wagon train; from the
'saloonkeeper with a heart of gold' to the 'crooked gambler with a
concealed weapon'…and even climaxes with that most traditional of
finales, as two ex-partners face off on a dusty street in an
old-fashioned Western shootout.

The four leads couldn't have been cast more perfectly; Scott Glenn
channels Gary Cooper as a laconic cowboy fresh from an undeserved
5-year prison stretch; Kevin Kline exudes his signature charm as an
ex-gang member whose life changed because of "a dog"; Danny Glover is
warm and reassuring as a man moving west from Chicago to help his
family, armed with a legendary Henry rifle; and, best of all, young
Kevin Costner, in his breakout performance, is irresistible, wild and
acrobatic, as Glenn's ever-optimistic, carefree younger brother, a part
Kasdan wrote specifically for the actor, after his scenes were cut from

The supporting cast is equally superb, with standout performances by
giant Brian Dennehy, John Cleese (as a sheriff who knows 'where' his
jurisdiction ends), Jeff Goldblum, Linda Hunt, James Gammon ("You led a
posse to my best hide-out??"), Jeff Fahey, and, in a wonderful if brief
role, breathtaking Rosanna Arquette, as the widow courted by both Kline
and Glenn. With a cast THIS good, it is remarkable that the film had to
'go to video' to achieve success!

The final line of SILVERADO, "We'll be back!", shouted by Costner as he
and Glenn ride 'into the sunset', has had countless fans wishing that a
follow-up movie had been made (a 1999 nationwide video poll chose
SILVERADO as the film "Most Deserving of a Sequel"), but time has,
sadly, eliminated that possibility. The film that 'failed' when
released, in a genre that 'experts' considered passé, is, after nearly
20 years, still winning new fans.

As Kevin Kline and Linda Hunt say, as a toast: "Here's to the good
stuff…May it last a long time!"