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Bad Boys


Chicago crime kid Mick O'Brien is sent to reform school after accidentally killing Paco Moreno's kid brother.

Release Year: 1983

Rating: 7.0/10 (6,390 voted)

Rick Rosenthal

Stars: Sean Penn, Reni Santoni, Jim Moody

A delinquent held in juvenile detention for the murder of a noted youth gang member awaits a showdown with the dead man's vengeful brother in the deadly prison environment.


Sean Penn

Mick O'Brien

Reni Santoni

Ramon Herrera

Jim Moody

Gene Daniels

Eric Gurry


Esai Morales

Paco Moreno

Ally Sheedy

J. C. Walenski

Clancy Brown

Viking Lofgren

Robert Lee Rush


John Zenda


Alan Ruck

Carl Brennan

Tony Mockus Jr.

Warden Bendix

(as Tony Mockus)

Erik Barefield


Dean Fortunato


Lawrence Mah

Ricky Lee

Jorge Noa


Life Has Pushed Him Into A Corner… And He's Comin' Out Fighting.

Release Date: 25 March 1983

Filming Locations: 1831 S Racine Ave, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Opening Weekend: $2,171,197
(27 March 1983)
(468 Screens)

Gross: $9,200,000

Technical Specs


(original release)
(original release)

Did You Know?


Sean Penn insisted on being called the name of his character, Mick O'Brien, during production of the movie.


Revealing mistakes:
Position of Paco when leaning up against the locker.


[to Lofgren]

Paco Moreno:
I lost my brother. All you lost was some skin.

User Review

Not your ordinary teen movie


I recently saw this movie again (on video, not the uncut DVD). I hadn't
seen it in about twenty years, but it affected me the same at 35 as it
did when I saw it on cable at 14. It is one of the grittiest, rawest
movies I have ever seen, and it works on a visceral level. The
performances of Sean Penn and Esai Morales in this film go to show why
they have both continued to be two of the hardest working actors in
Hollywood. After seeing Penn as Jeff Spiccolli in "Fast Times at
Ridgemont High," I was amazed by his range in this film (although he
was excellent in "Racing With the Moon," which if memory serves me
right also came out around this time). Morales took what could have
been a one-note role and turned it into a caricature of a revenge-bent
punk, but his talent even back then was clear that he was up to the
challenge of putting emotion into the role and bringing some sympathy
to Paco's plight. Clancy Brown and Ally Sheedy were excellent in their
roles as well.

The movie worked not just because the acting was great, but because the
story moved along at an exciting pace. It was suspenseful and was not
overly cliché or pat. Overall, it was an unforgettable movie
experience, a strong cautionary tale that still makes people think.