Body Heat

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In the midst of a searing Florida heat wave, a woman convinces her lover, a small-town lawyer, to murder her rich husband.

Release Year: 1981

Rating: 7.3/10 (14,294 voted)

Critic's Score: 78/100

Lawrence Kasdan

Stars: William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, Richard Crenna

Ned Racine is a seedy small town lawyer in Florida. During a searing heatwave he's picked up by married Matty Walker. A passionate affair commences but it isn't long before they realise the only thing standing in their way is Matty's rich husband Edmund. A plot hatches to kill him but will they pull it off?


William Hurt

Ned Racine

Kathleen Turner

Matty Walker

Richard Crenna

Edmund Walker

Ted Danson

Peter Lowenstein

J.A. Preston

Oscar Grace

Mickey Rourke

Teddy Lewis

Kim Zimmer

Mary Ann

Jane Hallaren


Lanna Saunders

Roz Kraft

Carola McGuinness

Heather Kraft

Michael Ryan

Miles Hardin

Larry Marko

Judge Costanza

Deborah Lucchesi


Lynn Hallowell


Thom Sharp

Michael Glenn

(as Thom J. Sharp)

It's a hot summer. Ned Racine is waiting for something special to happen. And when it does… He won't be ready for the consequences.

Release Date: 28 August 1981

Filming Locations: Delray Beach, Florida, USA

Opening Weekend: $564,593
(30 August 1981)
(34 Screens)

Gross: $24,058,838
(31 December 1981)

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Did You Know?


Jeff Goldblum was considered for the role of Peter Lowenstein. He later worked with Kasdan on
The Big Chill and


Crew or equipment visible:
The shadow of the crew is visible on the pier when Ned is running in the morning.


I like this place; it's got a nice feel.

You were on top.

So it could use a better mattress. See to it, will you?

Yes, sir.

User Review

Ultra Cool

Rating: 8/10

Usually I find movies date really badly. For instance, John Carpenter's
Halloween from 1978 is my favorite horror movie and although I like it
a lot, I must admit it's dated badly over the years. No doubt due to
the literally graphic changes in horror movies. I was thinking the same
thing of Body Heat before I stepped into it. I was aware of such
blessings it had been given, but kept in mind it was a product of the
early 80's. Surely I thought this must be dated by today's standard of
erotic dramas & thrillers. This was not the case.

This movie has somehow managed to bypass the aging mechanism that
movies succumb to. Twenty years after it's debut it still packs it's
erotic punch and twisted bag of lies and William Hurt and Kathleen
Turner are still the premiere duo of 'hot legs and ultra cool sleaze
bags'. I won't bother giving even a morsel of the story to you – this
is one you should walk into completely blind to better you viewing
experience. If you need more, check out the plot summary or read the
back of the movie box.

What I will talk about is the sex scenes. Erotica at it's cinematic
best without being crude or pornographic. In today's age of softcore
flicks on the video shelves and hardcore pornography conquering new
territory every day it's a refreshing change of pace to look back to a
movie made in the early 80's and witness such steaminess and tasteful
erotica. Not to misdirect your thoughts. This movie isn't solely about
sex, but it's a big part in a story of manipulation, money and deceit.
The story, the direction and the cast are fit for a picture frame with
Ted Danson and Mickey Rourke standing out amongst the supporting cast.
A highly recommended view.